If I can ask you to get one item for school this year it will be a decent, personal electronic device with a charger that has an extra long cord. We are going to promote going paperless this year. I'm not sure how well the school internet is going to handle everyone being on the school wifi, so if you have unlimited data I may ask those students to draw from their own data plan if possible. I'll probably be opening my phone up as a hotspot when necessary. If students want to go outside to do work, they will need to have internet access.

Below is the supply list for a normal school year. If you haven't bought these items yet, I am going to ask that you invest in a tablet or laptop instead of the items on the list. I'm sorry to make a change like this, I was hoping we'd be back to business as usual, but we're not so we all need to make adjustments if and when we can. Thank you.

Ballard World History and US History Supply List 2020-2021